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Getting the Most Out of Your Maintenance Management Software

Using your Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) to it's Fullest

If you are considering obtaining or already have computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) you know that using the software effectively can be complicated. How do you know you’re using all the functions efficiently? How do you know it’s being used correctly? And perhaps most importantly, what do you do when it comes to integrating your CMMS with any existing control systems at your facility? These are issues that companies often face when implementing any new software or technology.

In this podcast Steve Reed, Vice President of Safety and Engineering at Kasa Companies will discuss these CMMS questions. 

“Like a lot of software packages, people get accustomed to using certain features within them but there are other capabilities within those tools that they don’t necessarily use,”

Steve explains that initial training at installation doesn’t necessarily mean your team is using all of the possible functions or the even the common functions correctly of your CMMS. He suggests going back through the features with the manufacturer every few years to ensure all features are being utilized and new team members are receiving firsthand training.

Also in this episode, Steve discussed how Industrial IoT (IIOT) can aid the use of predictive maintenance scheduling to reduce facility downtime and unexpected repair costs.

Listen to the full podcast here.