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Key to peak demand reduction is optimal scheduling of electrical equipment.

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Power Monitoring & Trending

Power Monitoring and Trending

chart of utility demand and costsIf you could cut your utility expenses by 1%, what would that do to your bottom line? By limiting peak demand through conservation measures and through demand-response controls, you may be able to decrease your electric bill. An explanation about usage and peak demand can be found at 

The key to peak demand reduction is optimal scheduling of electrical equipment use within your facility. Peak demand is the HIGHEST AVERAGE fifteen-minute demand for the month. If you have multiple pieces of equipment that will operate at full load periodically throughout the day, staggering the start and run-time of the units of equipment will allow you to reduce the peak demand caused by the units. Staggering the start and run-times can all be performed automatically.

One customer was able to significantly reduce their energy costs by timing the start-up and run-time of multiple pieces equipment. Whenever possible, this customer also knew the times of day that energy costs were higher and scheduled his equipment to run before and after those times.