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Data Logging & Tracking

Data Logging and Tracking

screenshot of Process time in paint facilityQuality is important. Processing and producing a finished part that is consistent can be a challenge for some manufacturers who deal with raw materials that vary in content or other conditions that affect quality. And for some manufacturers, the part process may need to be documented as a part moves through the line in order to research why the quality was affected and how many parts were impacted.

The image at the right is an example of the data that is available in a paint facility developed for an IntelliFinishing project. For this company, the amount of time that a part is in each of the stages is critical to quality.

In the example at the right, a time frame can be selected for the report. The data can also be exported to Excel or integrated with other systems, like ERP or Plant Information Management System.

image of hazard monitoring of bearings and rub blocksThe example at the left demonstrates a chart that monitors the temperatures of bearings and rub blocks. Along with the display of standard current information, the trend screen allows you to compare similar pieces of equipment. The chart may help you determine a point of failure before it happens - predictive maintenance.

In this example, you can establish critical set-points and actions to take if set points are reached or exceeded.