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The supervisor loves that he can check the whole plant from his desk.

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Data Management

Most manufacturers have a variety of equipment performing different functions in their plant. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in turn, use a variety of control panels to run their equipment. Having control panels that operate independently is satisfactory for some; however, many plants are realizing they can be more productive and profitable if they can review information like:
At Kasa, we have worked on approximately 10,000 jobs and recognize there are typically 5 Levels of Automation:
Level 0: Hardwired Control
Level 1: Mimic Panel
Level 2: Touch Screen
Level 3: PC-Based
Level 4: Database & Web
At every facility, there are also variations with some areas at a higher level than others. Would you like to know what can be accomplished with Level 4 at your facility? Contact us:   
Kasa is helping many manufacturers leverage the power of SQL databases with Level 4: Database & Web Automation. We help companies move to Level 4 by integrating OEM Equipment and tying your "islands of automation" into a unified control system providing unlimited user visibility.