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Our Culture

Our Culture

To provide our customers with quality Kasa products by maintaining a culture of customer empathy, trust, teamwork, problem solving and a sense of urgency.

picture of Kasa teamCustomer Empathy:
We employ the "golden rule" in our interactions with the customer. We anticipate the customer's needs and strive to go a step beyond those needs by surprising the customer with something extra. Our attitudes are optimistic and fun, and we want to create for our customers an "easy-to-do-business" environment. We acknowledge that the customer is ultimately our boss and treat him or her with respect whether present or absent.

We take pride in doing our work the right way, the safe way, the first time. Integrity and discipline are the foundation of the Kasa work ethic. Whether it's a customer, supplier, or a fellow employee, the guiding principles of our relationships are fairness and honesty.

We respect each team member and his or her input, and value straightforward communication among team members. We approach our work with an attitude of ownership; therefore, even when some tasks are outside our individual job descriptions, we embrace flexibility and possess an underlying motivation to do what's best for the team. Finally, we commit to the common goal, even when it conflicts with self-interests.

Problem Solving:
We acknowledge that problems are inherent to any entity, and we realize that identifying those problems is half the battle. We view problems as opportunities to improve the current situation, not only for our customers, but also for our internal use. We embrace the concepts of creativity and innovation not just in theory, but to add true value and positive return.

Sense of Urgency:
We go about our daily work with a sense of urgency, even when the situation is not deemed an emergency. We find ways to get the work done, and we strive to get ahead with up-front effort.

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