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MKC Expansion using Konnection Software


MKC Canton Rail Terminal from Kasa Companies on Vimeo.


MKC performed extensive market analysis to determine the perfect location for their new facility located three miles west of Canton, Kansas. First and foremost, the new facility addresses the farmers’ needs to unload grain efficiently and quickly while utilizing the newest technology and equipment to handle high speed load out to shuttle trains. From physical design of the pits to monitoring many aspects of the system, safety has been a priority in the development of the new facility.

Erik Lange, Vice President of Southern Area Operations for MKC reviews the facility’s capabilities in the above video. The Canton facility is a cement slip form elevator capable of holding 1.15 million bushels. It can receive up to 60,000 bushels per hour with three legs running at 20,000 bushels per hour. The facility provides farmers with a double-scale system where inbound and outbound trucks can be weighed. The scales are automated with RFID and a person is available for changes if needed. There are two 1,200 bushel pits for semis and large trucks, and a third 600 bushel pit for smaller loads. All pits can feed any bin in the facility or load directly to rail cars.

The system is highly automated with the help of Kasa Controls & Automation and the use of their database-driven Konnection software. With many different pieces of equipment and systems to manage, Konnection provides overview screens, monitoring screens, alarms and reports into one location for simpler diagnostics and review of the system. Many times, the status of a remote piece of equipment like a bucket elevator can be reviewed at the control center. The fewer times an employee has to physically go out to monitor the equipment results in a safer environment for employees.

Not only do the controls and software enhance the safety aspect of running a grain elevator, quality of the grain is improved with the use of monitors that check the outside temperature and humidity along with the grain temperature and humidity in the grain bins to control the moisture and temperature of the grain with aeration fans. The system uses a formula resulting in an equilibrium of moisture content so the quality of the grain remains high. The system will also warn and notify employees of hot spots in order to prevent spoilage.

The system is capable of loading out 110 rail car shuttles at a rate of 100,000 bushels per hour with an annual load out expectation of 17 to 20 million bushels per year. The layout of the facility allows for both trains and trucks to keep constantly moving with one of the only privately owned bridges over the railroad tracks on the Union Pacific Railroad.

MKC is planning on having the facility substantially completed in in December 2014.